EBCDIC Conversion Services

EBCDIC Conversion

Texas Railroad Commission's Oil & Gas Records


DDS offers quick, accurate, and affordable ECBDIC file conversion services- with experience you can trust!

If your company has obtained EBCDIC formatted digital data from the Texas Railroad Commission, and is not sure on how to convert the data into GIS files, database files, or simple ASCII text delimited files, then Digital Data Services, Inc (DDS) has the solution for you. Digital Data Services, Inc. offers the service of converting the Texas Railroad Commission EBCDIC formatted Oil & Gas Datasets into formats that you can use.

This service includes the conversion of any or all of the following EBCDIC formatted files supplied by the Texas Railroad Commission:

Drilling Permit Data

  • Drilling Permit Master and Trailer

Oil & Gas Field Data

  • Oil & Gas Wells Field Data

Oil & Gas Production Data

  • Gas Master Files
  • Oil Master Files
  • Oil & Gas Historic Ledgers
  • Oil & Gas Production Data
  • Monthly PR Gas Distribution

Oil & Gas Regulation Data

  • Oil & Gas Organization Report
  • Certificate of Authorization (P-4)
  • Underground Injection Control
  • Oil & Gas Docket
  • Natural Gas Policy Act
  • Gas Processing Plants

Oil & Gas Well Data

  • Oil Detail Well
  • Well Bore Data
  • Well Data
  • Gas Well Status
  • Oil Well Status
  • Final Oil and Gas Annuals
  • Gas Allowable by Gatherer
  • Gas Allowable by Operator
  • Gas Master
  • Gas Proration Schedule
  • Gas Purchaser Stripout
  • Preliminary Oil & Gas Annuals
  • Historical Ledger
  • Oil Allowable by Gatherer
  • Oil Allowable by Operator


Pipeline Data

  • Pipeline Master



Pricing starts at just $250. Because of the complexity of the dataset, we will need to discuss which information that you are requesting from each EBCDIC file and the delivered format. Please submit the "Get a Quote" form for pricing information.


Supported Formats


  • AcGIS (Coverages, Shapefiles, GeoDatabase, etc.)
  • Geographix
  • Kingdom
  • MapInfo┬«
  • Petra
  • Access .dbf
  • AutoCAD (.dwg)
  • Drawing Exchange File (.dxf)