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The business world has changed a lot over the last decade. With stronger coverage through mobile companies and ISP’s, we have gained the ability to conduct business just as easily in the field as in the boardroom. Today’s personal devices, such as smart phones and tablets, have an incredible, untapped value in across all industries. These modern devices are often times more powerful than the best PCs of a decade ago, allowing DDS to create a fully functioning application that can handle as much data as any comparable PC application.

By melding GIS with your mobile device, your employees in the field will be able to view the same data that those in an office setting are able to access. Now, decisions can be made with careful analysis while on site or on the road; another great way to save time and money while still being assured that you are making the right decisions to advance your operation. Our partnerships with Microsoft and Apple ensure that your mobile application will function smoothly and will be fully compatible with even the newest devices.

In today’s world with modern devices and technology, why would you look backwards to find intuitive solutions for your company? Look forward instead, and contact DDS today to find out how we can bring the power of GIS and mobile technology into your organization as a fully customized mobile application.


  • Desktop GIS in the Palm of Your Hands
  • Fully Integrated with ArcMap 10 & 10.1
  • Maperture™  for iPhone, iPad, Android, & Blackberry
  • Access to your Data & Maps through your Mobile Device


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