ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5 Extensions

“Add Enhanced Capabilities to ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5”


There are a “wide range” of specialized extensions for Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5 that can significantly enhance the capabilities of an already powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software program. All of these extensions are available for ArcGIS for Desktop. Esri’s ArcGIS extensions are “specialized GIS tools for enhanced productivity and advanced analysis.” The extensions are designed to provide users the freedom to run the same AcrGIS extensions “across the full ArcGIS system.” The extensions are extremely user friendly, thus reducing training and operating costs.


Available Extensions for AcrGIS for Desktop 10.5:


ArcGIS 3D Analyst - Eliminate barriers to data use and distribution.

ArcGIS Data Interoperability - Eliminate barriers to data use and distribution.

ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst - Use advanced statistical tools to investigate your data.

ArcGIS Network Analyst - Perform sophisticated routing, closest facility, and service area analysis.

ArcGIS Publisher - Share your maps and data with a wide range of users.

ArcGIS Schematics - Represent and understand your networks to shorten decision cycles. 

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst - Develop answers from your data using advanced spatial analysis.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst - Reveal and analyze time-based patterns and trends in your data.



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