GIS Data Model Development

GIS Data Management

GIS Data Creation, Conversion, and Management

With over 15 years experience in creating, converting, and managing data for a variety of industries, DDS provides unparalleled experience in data creation and management. We work with our clients to find cost-effective solutions to empower and enrich their current data assets. 

Here at DDS, we are not only specialists at building data models from your existing database, but we also specialize in data acquisition. With 15 years of our own in-house data and our numerous strategic partnerships, the team at DDS can help your organization find and utilize valuable datasets that you need to round out your fully customized data model to maximize your business’s potential.


  • Increase Productivity and Revenue
  • Integrate Large Amounts of Datasets
  • Large format scanning, georeferencing, and digitizing.
  • Data Scraping
  • Historical research
  • Data conversion

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